Fashion Basics That Look Good At Any Age

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Fashion Basics That Look Good At Any Age – A good wardrobe is always an excellent investment at any age. Arming your wardrobe with fashion basics that fit your silhouette and your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, or older is something that will help you get through each change of season with style and versatility.

Making a selection of those quality basics that look timeless and that you can combine at will is the perfect solution to put together your day or night looks. But, hey! That everything has its trick. So to make it easy, I have prepared this selection of 9 pieces and tips to create your round wardrobe from scratch.

With this list of fashion basics, you won’t have to skip the trends section that we love so much each season. The key is pieces meet the requirements to slip into all seasons of the year without losing style and reinvention in your wardrobe. And since they are so versatile, they will fit perfectly with most of the trendiest pieces of the year.

9 Must-Have Fashion Staples

This top of pieces and accessories are perfect for most bodies and at any age. You will see that each fashion essential that you add to your wardrobe will help you create your style without any hassle.

Good Fit Jeans – Fashion Basics

Fashion Basics – Well-chosen jeans that fit you like a glove and stylize your silhouette are something you should start with to build your closet with a fashion essential. They can be classic, straight, or wide cut. Or they are fitted, broken, or casual. The important thing is that they are of good size and that they do not squeeze you so much in the waist that they make you get rolls or lumps in the crotch.

If you are in your twenties, you are free to choose the one that best suits your body, but high-waisted jeans will make you look slimmer. If you are at a more mature age,

Jumpers In Basic Tones

Sweaters are pieces that best adapt to basic jeans, pants, and skirts in all seasons. The fine fabric and primary colors are perfect at any age, and you can wear them for a good part of the year.

Those with a V-neck cut can go very well alone in spring or summer, or with a shirt underneath and longer than the sweater if you want to be warmer. This cut is very flattering for short girls if you have a lot of chests or you are looking to stylize your face and neck.

Have at least one pair of chunky knit jumpers with a unique pattern or texture to pair with stylish, basic skirts or pants. And for a more elegant look, the turtleneck is ideal for achieving that slimming effect.

Bodysuits And Tops

A trendy basic top in black, white, beige, or brown that you can wear alone with jeans or under other pieces will help define your silhouette.

Those that reach the hips or include chest support are ideal for slimming your waist, abdomen, and upper part. They will make you look slimmer and are a great option if you wear them under dresses, t-shirts, blazers, or cardigans.

This group of essential pieces is bodies, lingerie, and t-shirts, always crucial at any age. They will go well with almost all your wardrobe.

Long Or Short Dresses

A trendy basic dress will help you quickly put together an instant look. So it is a very flattering piece that you can vary with accessories, shoes, and the intensity of makeup.

Find a perfect black dress to start with, the length that best suits you, short or midi.  A maxi dress, plain or with flowers. Will give you a fresh look at any age if you wear it with boots and a jean jacket. A jacket or a nice long sweater. Graduate the formality by changing shoes, bags, and jewelry.

Stylish Shirts

A white shirt of good fabric and fit is a fashion essential. That should not be missing as a wardrobe item. It is one of my favorites. And it is the one that all designers recommend to have to achieve a look at all times.

With a suit -for an elegant occasion- or with worn jeans for something more informal, white shirts, in neutral tones, with stripes, or even with jean fabric, will always make you look impeccable.

Blouses With A Romantic Air

Unlike shirts, blouses in pastel colors, white or with the colors that are trending will give you a sophisticated and feminine look in the blink of an eye.

Look for suitable quality blouses, with ties at the waist or neck, with embroidery or puffy sleeves.  With a Mao collar, pleats, lace. Transparencies. They go very well with jeans, pants or skirts of classic cuts, with flights or fitted.

Midi Skirts, Satin Or Leather

Knee-length and mid-calf midi skirts are the most flattering length for women of any age and build. If you want to look very feminine, choose a flared printed skirt, and for a special outing. A very flowy satin one will hit the spot.

Don’t forget one with a leather effect! They are very fashionable with sweaters and cowboy or high boots!

Coat And Jackets

black or grey. Skin like this will be perfect as a fashion essential if most of your clothes tend to be blue, white, beige, or grey. Look for a camel or chocolate coat with more warm pieces like reds and browns.

If you love shirts, dresses. Or blouses in solid tones, hounds tooth or plaid print coats will be your winning combination. They are ideal with your jeans, skirts, and pants.

In jackets, denim and leather jackets, cardigans, blazers, and knitted ones will help you stay warm and fashionable.

Fluid Pants

A pair of basic black pants will solve most of your looks during the year. You must look for the ones that best fit your silhouette.

  • Also, get flared ones, culottes, or high-waisted ones in combinable colors, such as gray and chocolate. And for night outings, nothing better than leather effect ones.
  • And what next? You have to match the rest of the accessories!
  • Before I finish, here is my advice

Always invest in a good black bag, in a brown one, and stands out on its own. As well as in a suit with a classic print jacket and pants. Stripes or checks.

And the footwear? My essential fashion that is not lacking as a wardrobe item is the black ankle boot with a heel because it goes with almost everything.

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