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Eyelashes Kit Write For Us

Eyelashes Kit write for us

Eyelashes are an essential part of the makeup look. They surround your eyes, make you look youthful, and add a lot of drama to your face. It’s always fun to layer mascara on your lashes, but sometimes you want a little more.

False eyelashes play an active role here. They allow you to be longer, sweeter, more prosperous, and more dramatic than you usually would with your lashes. They are just a little vitality to raise your makeup by one level. There is a set of all moods and all eyelash types, from individual hair here and there to additional AF rainbows or glitter eyelashes.

Even though you’ve heard about false eyelashes and false eyelash extensions, you still have doubts about these frilled cosmetological aids. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide with everything you need to know about false eyelashes, courtesy of Rayed Merchant, Director of Marketing (Global) & Head Brand Procurement, SSIZ International.

Types of false eyelashes

The best thing about false eyelashes is that you can customize them to suit your style and eye shape. Individual lashes can remain filled over the entire lash line, cluster, or strip (even magnetic ones for ease of application). You can choose eyelashes from natural mink to human hair to synthetic fibres. When it comes to style, you can go supernatural or super extra.

Be sure to curl your lashes

Another tip is to curl your eyelashes. That way, they will be curved, just like the false lashes you’ll be putting in. It will allow you to blend the two sets of lashes (your lashes and the lashes you bought at the store) more seamlessly and efficiently.

Add mascara to your lashes first

Eyelashes are to add to what you already have. To add colour and size to your lashes and better blend your natural lashes with your lashes, apply mascara first. Before using the eyelashes, apply one or two layers (not too much) on the actual eyelashes. Has a bonus been added? Mascara helps the lashes adhere better to yours.

Let your mascara dry before applying falsies

After coating the natural lashes with mascara, dry them before applying false eyelashes. It reduces dirt and unwanted fake damage and wear.

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