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Compacts first appeared in the early 1900s, when cosmetics were still not widely accepted. The earliest powder containers were frequently hidden inside accessories like hatpins, walking sticks, and jewelry.

Compacts gained popularity as women started wearing makeup more frequently and spending more time outside the home. In 1923, the British company Stratton imported partially produced powder boxes from the US for assembling at its Birmingham facility. By the 1930s, however, it produced half of the compacts used by the UK cosmetics industry and was doing it from scratch. The company created self-opening inner lids to safeguard the powder and minimize fingernail damage 1948. By the 1960s, it was exporting to agents all over the world.

Do makeup compacts still have a following?

Since they have been about for so long, makeup cases evoke nostalgia in all beauty enthusiasts. While some classics are still contained in chic, understated packaging, others make a statement with striking, fashion-forward encasings. Both designs make fantastic gifts for both cosmetic beginners and experts.

How to choose a good Compact?

Use the Compact Powder alone or over the foundation for a long-lasting finish. Make your choice: High coverage and matte finish
It offers a clearer complexion
Absorbs excess sebum
It does not block pores
Ultra-light and breathable 24-hour formula
Resistant to humidity and water
100% vegan
Suitable for all types of skin

What are the Active ingredients in Compact?

Talc, renowned for its ability to coat surfaces, is its principal component.
We refine it till it is excellent and leaves no residue on the skin.
To make it appear compact, oil or wax is put on it.
First off, nacres and pigments are also present in the compact powder.
The mineral pigments are known as micas, reflecting light and enhancing skin.
Second, it contains zinc, which is excellent for skin with excess sebum but not for dry skin.
Most compact powders are also enhanced with anti-UV filters and occasionally with moisturizers or anti-ageing agents.

How to Use a Compact?

After corrector and foundation but before blush, bronzer, or sun earth, we use the compact powder.
Although there is a neutral version, coloured versions are more typical.
So it would be beneficial if you picked a powder that was either somewhat lighter or in the same tones as your foundation.
We use a large brush to apply it to the entire face. Hold fast to the T zone (forehead, nose, chin).
Thus, it ensures the makeup’s good hold and keeps the skin from glowing.
Additionally, you may tuck it away in your luggage for quick touch-ups throughout the day.

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