Clean Look: How To Adopt This New Trend?

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Clean Look: How To Adopt This New Trend? – Seen among influencers, the clean look is a minimalist, elegant, and sophisticated style: hair slicked back and tied to clear the face and a luminous complexion, all in transparency. Here’s how to adopt it.

The clean look was first in some it-girls like Hailey Bieber or Bella Hadid. Since then, it has been reproduced thousands of times on social networks. It’s a style that’s both sartorial and translates into makeup and hair and gives the impression of a “clean,” chic and sophisticated look without effort. Mehdi Boujemaaoui, hairdresser and colorist expert, and Anne-Esther Dina-Ebimbe, professional makeup artist, explain how to adopt this famous clean look.

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Plated And Sophisticated, The Clean Appearance Hairstyle

Clean look hairstyles are: the hair is pulled back and gathered into a ponytail, a bun, or even a braid. They last all day and don’t bother the face. As the hair at the temples back, the passage can stretch the look and slightly lift the face. How to do it? Mehdi Boujemaaoui advises untangling and gathering his hair using a brush, preferably in boar bristles. We then tie the hair with a scrunchie or an elastic. “You can also choose a big hair clip, which is very popular at the moment,” remarks the hairdresser.

We then apply a product that will flatten the hair. “If you want a wet effect, you have to turn to a gel. If you want a shiny effect, it is better to choose a cream or a wax. I recommend a texturizing spray for a more mattifying appearance,” says the specialist. You can also opt for aloe vera gel, which will hydrate the hair or your usual hair mask. Be careful if you choose the latter, “it may leave residue and weigh down the hair; I recommend it for thick hair,” specifies Mehdi. Tiny hairs around the face can well with a clean brush and fixing product. You can also use barrettes, which are very trendy at the moment.

Clean Look: A Glowing And Minimalist Make-Up

Makeup artist Anne-Esther Dina-Ebimbe sees the clean look like a minimalist beauty approach. “We use as few products as possible; we want to highlight the face and give it a healthy glow.” The objective here is to unify, correct and illuminate.

How to do it? After moisturizing your skin and waiting 10 to 15 minutes for the care products to penetrate, the makeup artist advises applying a luminous base to blur the pores. Next, in marked dark circles, use a corrector around the eyes and on any pigment spots. Then comes the concealer step that we choose rather than the colour of the skin. “We put some in the inner corner of the eye, below the eye, then at the level of the outer corner towards the temple to catch the light and lift the gaze. You can also put it on the nose, cupid’s bow and under the eyebrow.”

Then, the expert recommends opting for creamy foundation products for a natural and luminous result, which you blend with a loofah or a brush. Next, apply three dots of bronzer on the cheekbone to the top of the temples. Next, use a cream blush or lipstick slightly above the bronzer with a cream or coral satin texture for a healthy glow effect. “We choose a fine powder to apply where we put the concealer.” Finally, make way for the highlighter: “we turn to a product with a satin or even pearly finish for a natural glow . It is placed under the brow bone, above the cheekbones, at the end of the nose and on the cupid’s bow”.

Clean Appearance – For The Eyebrows

For the eyebrows, “we take a little solid soap or wax with a brush and fix them upwards.” Next, make way for the eyelids: apply the cream bronzer between the hollow and the brow bone, blend outwards and then powder. A light brown or taupe shadow highlights the lash line and a touch of highlighter illuminates the mobile eyelid. Finally, finish with mascara on the upper lashes.

For the lips, Anne-Esther Dina-Ebimbe recommends a transparent or coral lip oil, a shade that highlights all skin tones. That’s it!

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