Benefits Of Going For A Run On An Empty Stomach

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Benefits Of Going For A Run On An Empty Stomach – Many people have doubts about the consequences on our bodies of going out for a run on an empty stomach. From Snap Fitness, we will try to answer these questions and any possible doubts that may arise.

Fasted Sport

Performing sports on an empty stomach or physical activities refers to not having eaten anything in the last 8 hours. Our body, specifically the liver, has reduced its carbohydrate levels to a minimum. The ideal time to do sports on an empty stomach is usually in the morning, after having slept and spent many hours without eating food. If we do it this way, our body will resort to burning stored fat as a source of fuel.  Cardiovascular activities involving the heart and blood vessels are often called cardio, and running is the queen activity. Running is the aerobic activity par excellence.

To go out to play sports and run on an empty stomach, we must first be clear about our goals. The preconceived idea of ​​people and, in general, losing fat or losing weight motivates many people to run on an empty stomach.

What Happens To Our Body When We Run On An Empty Stomach?

To better understand this whole process of resources in our body, such as glucose, carbohydrates, and the role of fat as fuel, we will delve a little deeper into what happens to our body when we run on an empty stomach.

As we have said, we will understand fasting as the prolonged period in which we have not introduced food to our bodies. The ideal is to take advantage of the sleeping time to turn it into our fasting time. Although with an average of 3 hours, our body, specifically the liver, is already at its minimum levels of hydrates, after 6 or 8 hours of sleep, we will be at an ideal time for fasting. Our body needs the energy that food provides to function and carry out basic tasks, so if carbohydrate levels are low, it will resort to stored fats to take for fuel. Glucose also plays an essential part in this process to help it function properly—glucose in the liver and muscles.

We Lose Muscle Mass,

It is essential to understand this because many people think that by doing fast cardio. We lose muscle mass, which is not entirely correct. As long as we don’t do high-intensity training or push ourselves too hard. Our body shouldn’t go to consume the protein that builds muscle.

The adequate intensity and a moderate duration. The stomach helps to lose weight. And in a way, it is correct, as long as we do the proper exercise. Once at this point and when carrying out our physical activity. Taking into account that the body was at its minimum. It should go to look for energy from stored free fats.    What is sure is that it is a good fat burner and well, if we reduce the volume of fat. Obviously we can lose weight. But all this process is accompanied by knowledge about the importance of good nutrition daily.

Fasted Running Conclusions

In short. Fasting cardio will allow us to reduce the fat in our body since it is an excellent caloric source of energy. Of course, we duty bear in mind that overextending ourselves in this activity can make us lose muscle mass. For the more fearful or those who want to try this activity for the first time (and when practicing any physical activity). It is accompanied by water or some liquid so as not to become dehydrated.

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