Back Exercises With Dumbbells In The Gym

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Back Exercises With Dumbbells In The Gym – Doing back exercises in the gym is one of the routines we see the most, especially in the male gender.

Since it became fashionable to have a broad and muscular back like ‘Baywatch,’ the machines to strengthen it in the gym are always full.

But, which is the best to do back?

Find out below:

Gym Equipment To Strengthen The Back

The back is one of the most worked areas by men, although it is also complicated since a destructive gesture can lead to an injury.

Start small without overexerting your muscles with the weights on dumbbells and machines if you’re starting in the gym.

Although your main goal is to have a broad and robust back, do not forget to exercise the rest of the muscles.

If you don’t want to show off a disproportionate body, sign up for this exercise routine for legs and buttocks for men.

How To Do Back Exercises: The Best Machines

And now, yes, we start with our recommendation of the best machines to strengthen your back:

Rowing Exercises

A classic among the exercises to widen the back is rowing.

There are several ways to practice it, among which the seated row and the barbell row stand out.

Low Pulley Rowing

The seated low pulley row exercises most of the muscles found in the upper body and indirectly works the legs.

Sit on the machine’s pad, place your feet on the platforms and grab the pulley handles without rounding your back.

The exercise will attract these handles by stretching your arms and bringing the weight up to your chest.

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Barbell Row

The barbell row is one of the greatest popular exercises for men and women.

You need a bar that can be found in the fitness rooms of the gym and stand with your legs open and slightly bent.

Lean your upper body forward and grab the bar with both hands; lift it by bringing it to your chest and push up.

You should not move your back or knees to avoid lower back or leg injuries.


Another machine that will become essential for you is the back strap.

You will recognize it because it has a long pulley with two ends, one for each arm.

You have to sit with your back completely straight and lower this pulley behind your neck by bending only your arms.

Above all, avoid carrying the bar below your shoulders as you can injure yourself.

This machine will also help you control your evolution and improvement because you can control the weight you want to put on.

Start small and increase as you see that the exercise becomes more bearable for you.

Dumbbell Back Exercises

Another way to exercise your back without using the machines we have named is with dumbbells.

Use one gym bench and place your right knee on it while the other leg is on the ground.

With one arm, you will lean on the bench, and with the other, you will grab the dumbbell, taking it from the bottom up.

In this exercise, you must keep your posture straight and only move the arm that carries the weight. Flexing the biceps.

Repeat this same exercise with the other side the same number of times so as not to unbalance the zones.

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