4 Facial Treatments To Improve Your Appearance Before Summer

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4 Facial Treatments To Improve Your Appearance Before Summer – It seemed like an eternity, but little by little, we see how summer is getting closer and closer, and it is time to start getting our bodies in tune for the long days of vacations in the sun, how we love them!

Today I want to bring you some aesthetic facial treatments that will help you have the perfect face for the arrival of the summer season.

  • Do you want to know my favorite options? Next, I show you four that seems like a fantasy to me.

Facial Radiofrequency

It is an ideal aesthetic treatment to combat the sagging of the face and bags and dark circles and eliminate the skin’s lack of hydration. But how is this possible? Through facial radiofrequency, it is possible to regenerate and produce new collagen, making a face look smoother and more luminous.

It is a painless treatment that offers incredible results in just one session, lasting for years. Although it to carry out recall sessions from time to time.

4 Facial Treatments To Improve Your Appearance Before Summer

Tensioning Wires

Other facial treatments are to eliminate wrinkles and expression lines that begin to appear on our faces over the years. If you want to demonstrate off smooth skin, thread lifts are high because they achieve an incredibly lifting effect painlessly and without side effects.

It is possible thanks to the intradermal placement of so-called tensor threads, which are from a material that is absorbable by our body. They manage to reaffirm the area of ​​the face where they are placed and provide total luminosity to the skin, thanks to the stimulation of collagen production.

You can brand your face to look young; it seems like magic.

Filling Dark Circles With Hyaluronic Acid

Over the years, the face to lose firmness and shine added to stress, environmental pollution, and not entirely healthy habits. As a result, the first wrinkles, expression marks, dark circles, and bags appear. Marked and some spots. But nothing with a good hyaluronic acid treatment of non-animal origin.

Incredible results are almost instantly and without side effects since it is a substance that our body generates naturally. However, production decreases over time, so hyaluronic acid filler treatments are required.

Oxygen Treatment

Also known as oxygen therapy, this innovative treatment combines pure oxygen and a hyperbaric pressure chamber to achieve impressive results.

It is a natural aesthetic treatment, non-aggressive and capable of enhancing cell activation.

The oxygen therapy technique has multiple uses, divided into three main groups:

  • Facial treatments: oxygen treatment to treat specific skin problems such as acne and acne scars, sunburn and blemishes. Coupe rose and asphyxiated skin and skin marks that appear over the years, such as wrinkles and expression lines, bags and dark circles, crow’s feet or dull skin. As a result, a firm and luminous face.
4 Facial Treatments
  • Hair treatments: oxygen therapy is an effective treatment against different types of alopecia. such as this aerate and androgenetic, and helping to accelerate hair growth. It is also against other hair conditions such as dandruff and dryness.
  • Body treatments: Some of the uses of oxygen treatments at the body level are removing stretch marks, skin blemishes and spider veins.

And you, what facial treatments would you like to do for the summer? Whatever your choice, I advise that you go to the Eternal Beauty Clinic. With qualified professionals for these and many other facial and body treatments.


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