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Taf.Cop – Tafcop.DG Telecom. Government authorities use the Gov In portal to monitor fraud-related issues within the Telecom Department. Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection is referred to as Tafcop.

In the past, when applying for a new SIM card, there was a lot of fraud because people could get cards issued in other people’s names. However, this issue is fixed by the eKYC procedure that includes fingerprint verification.

TafCop Portal Login


The TafCop portal is a government portal. Mobile SIM consumer portal records all personal data when registering a specific SIM card from a SIM service provider. This helps the SIM consumer track the number of SIM cards reported in their Aadhar card. is an Indian government digital services portal that provides mobile SIM number verification or monitoring services. This article will discuss how to log in to and how to close SIM card number by tafcop dgtelecom gov on the portal.


Nowadays, we see a lot of unusual activities through mobile SIM card numbers. So you should know the number of SIM cards registered in your name and your Aadhar card number. To solve this problem, the Indian government is opening a free online portal where you can check all the details of your personal SIM card. This portal is known as tafcop. dgtelecom. Gov. The portal Tafcop dgtelecom gov is free to provide services on personal SIM card data. You can also close your SIM card through the Tafcop portal.

Details of the Taf.Cop Portal

The Indian government has imposed specific rules and regulations pertaining to the telecom sector on Tafcop. In-Portal: Dgtelecom.Gov. One of the critical regulations listed on the Tafcop Portal is that no individual may have more than nine connections. Other regulations must be followed, including calling to confirm your residential address. It would also be regarded as a criminal offense and carry a $5,000 fine if you were to deal with a pre-activated SIM card.

Use the direct link on Tafcop.Dgtelecom.Gov to view the complete list of rules and regulations. The instructions.pdf file can be found on the portal,

Benefits Of Using Tafcop Dgtelecom Gov In


Members with more than nine connections registered under their name will receive SMS reminders. To check the status and get the ticket ID reference number, you must provide your cell phone number while logging in.

  • Those members who have more than nine related connections in their name will receive SMS notifications.
  • Such members can follow the necessary steps by clicking on the given link.
  • Also, To check the status, click on the option ‘Click here to log in with your number.’
  • Enter the ‘Ticket ID Ref Number’ in the ‘Request Status’ section.

How to Track your Report on

After reporting on the tafcop dg-telecom portal, you get a tracking ID number to check your application status and report progress. On the same dashboard page, on the top left side, you can see a blank space with track or cancel. Now, just put your tracking ID in this space. And click on the track button. After clicking the portal, the track will show your application details or progress status.

How to Close the Sim Card Number by portal

This is not a big deal; it is also part of the report portion. On the dashboard page, you can see your call number. If you want to close any number, then click on the tick box and the Not Required button. Next, click on the report button. Your request is sent to your SIM card service provider to close your number.


How many sim cards can be registered with one Aadhar card number or ID proof?

Ans: You can register 9 (nine) sim cards in one Aadhar card or ID proof.

What is Tafcop.Dgtelecom.Gov In the portal?

This portal was launched by government authorities to keep an eye on the telecom industry. And also keep users safe from fraud.

Is it safe to use the Tafcop portal?

Yes, of course, it is safe to use the Taf Cop portal as it is an authorized website by the Telecom Department of India.

How to use the Tafcop portal?

You are required to visit the website and, after that, provide your mobile number. You will get all the information about the SIM card issues on your Aadhaar.

In conclusion

Taf.Cop  – every aspect of Tafcop has been clarified.Gov.DgTelecom Within the Portal. And also Including its attributes, advantages, and suggestions for users to protect themselves against potential telecom fraud. As previously stated, you can carefully review the guidelines.

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