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10 Times Armin Arlert Was Attack On Titan’s Best Character

Armin Arlert – It took time for Armin to become himself, but he became an indispensable member of the Survey Corps and ended up saving the world.

Armin Arlert is one of the main characters in Attack on Titan. As the most intelligent member of the Survey Corps, he devised many ingenious strategies that helped his comrades achieve their goals and uncover the identities of some of their worst enemies.

Armin has become one of the show’s most beloved characters because of his intelligence, his sacrifices, and the battles he’s participated in. Many moments in the anime and manga show just how fantastic Armin is.

Armin attacked Marley

Armin attacked Marley

After Eren surrendered to Marley, he sent a letter to the Survey Corps informing him when to attack his enemies. Although Armin always preferred to solve his problems peacefully, he realized he had to go against his morals and shoot the Marleys this time. When he transformed into his Colossal Titan, he destroyed Marley’s fleet, giving the Survey Corps a massive advantage in battle. Next, he travelled in the airship the Survey Corps used to fly in and out of Marley, reuniting with his comrades as they fought with their ODM gear.

Armin Punched Eren

If Marley’s invasion wasn’t enough, Eren also overthrew Paradis, making it difficult for his friends to understand how he had changed so much. Eren spoke to Mikasa and Armin to hurt them to despise him. He called Mikasa an enslaved person and said he always hated her, causing Armin to attack Eren. Eren then defeated Armin. However, that didn’t stop Armin from speaking freely, as he told Eren that he was a natural enslaved person. Outraged by this, Eren took Mikasa and Armin to a cell with the rest of their friends.

Armin saved Jean’s life

Due to how long the Survey Corps had been fighting the Titans, they did not expect the other humans inside Paradis to become their enemies. However, that changed when they learned more about the Royal Family and the Walls of Paradis, leading an Anti-Personnel Control Squad to fight them.

During a battle against two military groups, a member of the Anti-Personnel Squad nearly killed Jean, but Armin killed her instead, saving his friend. Since it was Armin’s first time taking a life, including a titan, he felt terrible.

Armin Was Willing To Sacrifice Himself For Falco

After Falco inherited the Jaw Titan, Connie planned to feed it to her mother to turn her back into a human. A few years ago, she turned into a titan but never posed a threat because she couldn’t move. Knowing that Connie had been wrong to kill the child, Armin was willing to sacrifice himself. When he popped into her mouth, Connie pushed her friend away. Armin helped Connie realize that killing Falco to save her mother would be wrong, forcing soldiers and warriors to unite.

Armin saved Eren and Mikasa from being killed by the garrison

After Eren transformed into his Attack Titan to battle Normal and Abnormal Titans in the Trost region, the soldiers around him were terrified. The garrison saw him as a threat and attempted to kill Armin and Mikasa. However, when Armin tried to convince them that Eren meant no harm, Pyxis forced the soldiers to retreat. Realizing that Eren could be of great help to humanity by reclaiming Wall, Maria, Pyxis, and Armin worked on a plan to see Eren save the people of the Trost region.

Armin Found Out That Annie Was The Female Titan

While in the 104th Cadet Corps, two of Armin’s comrades were Marco and Annie. As Armin had been very close to Marco, he knew precisely what his equipment looked like. He noticed that Annie had taken Marco’s gear after he died and that someone had killed the titans that the military was studying.

After encountering the Female Titan, Armin also understood that whoever its inheritor was known what Eren looked like and that the nickname his friends would call him was “suicidal blockhead.” Putting all of these pieces together, Armin realized that Annie was the inheritor of the Female Titan.

Armin Teamed Up With His Comrades To Defeat Eren

Armin and Eren fought each other to determine the world’s fate as Eren killed most of the human race after he started the Rumbling. However, Armin and his friends caught up to him. As they attacked each other, Mikasa found a way inside of the mouth of Eren’s titan. In it, she saw his head and decapitated him. Once Eren died, all his friends could remember an interaction they had with him that he took their memory of. Through this memory, Armin understood everything that Eren tried to achieve and was given the closure he needed after playing an important role in defeating him to save the world.

Armin Found Out That Bertholdt And Reiner Were The Colossal And Armored Titans

Annie wasn’t the only Titan Shifter whom Armin learned the identity of. He also discovered that Reiner and Bertholdt were the Armored and Colossal Titans. He figured this out after hearing that Reiner and Bertholdt were supposedly from the same district as Annie. Upon learning this, Armin realized Reiner had been helping Annie when she attacked the Survey Corps, giving her information on where he thought Eren would be. Though the Survey Corps suspected Reiner and Bertholdt of being traitors, they pretended not to know anything until Reiner confessed.

Armin Ended The Rumbling

When the soldiers and warriors first caught up to Eren during the Rumbling, Armin went inside the coordinate, where he spoke with Zeke. The two of them talked about the meaning of life. After hearing that Armin felt that the small, enjoyable things he cared about mattered more to him than any pain he ever felt, Zeke realized that life meant more than what he had thought, awakening the past Titan Shifters that were under Eren’s control. They were all able to stop the Rumbling together, thanks to Armin.

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